Bunny Bunny Bunny

Bunny by the RoadBack of the Bunny

As I’ve mentioned a few times in the past, we have a lot of wild rabbits that live all around our house. Most of them have learned that we’ve trained the dogs not to catch them, so they don’t run very far away anymore when we go outside. Sometimes the dogs kind of run after them for a little bit, but it’s only for fun – I think it’s the equivalent of a person running through a flock of pidgeons and watching them scatter. Anyway, the other day I had my camera with me, so… wallah! Bunny photos!
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I was looking out the window at dusk today and just happened to see a bobcat standing in our yard, about 15 feet away from where I stood! I quickly called John over in a loud whisper. The bobcat was kind enough to hang around sniffing the air and flipping its short tail around until John could get to the window. (They are a little bigger than Maine Coone cats, but a bit longer/taller and not as puffy, with a tail about five inches long, tops.) A few moments later, it continued its saunter through the yard and slipped through the fence, fading off into the twilight. I love synchronized moments like this – if I hadn’t looked out the window just then I would have missed it completely!
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Hot and Cool Running Celtic Dragonflies

A friend of mine challenged me to do a dragonfly design, Celtic style. It turned out to be a lot of fun pushing myself in a direction I might never have examined otherwise. I did combine a few previous elements – the background is a color-adaptation of a recent abstract watercolor and the border was an older illustration that I thought rounded things out nicely (pun sort of intended – apologies!)
Hot Celtic DragonflyCool Celtic Dragonfly
Click each dragonfly to see all the t-shirts and such available with that design. I also have professional quality unframed prints available here. (The watermarked ‘foxvox.org’ is only for these images online, of course.) Thanks for looking!
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Art Squared Watercolors

I’ve been practicing watercolor painting recently – am still trying to discover my ‘style’, but at least I’m making a lot of colorful messes in the meantime! *grin* All five of the pieces below are originally 4″x4″ (an ‘art squared collectible’ size) watercolor paintings on watercolor paper. Once I get my act together I will be selling the unframed originals (quite affordably) in my Etsy shop, hopefully soon. The one item I have in there is getting lonely!

In the meantime, I have all of them available in my Art of FoxVox Shop on framed tiles, mugs, magnets, cards, etc. and I also have archival prints of various sizes (depending on the piece, all square though) available in my DeviantArt Shop. (The foxvox.org watermark is obviously just for online use and doesn’t appear on the originals, prints, or products.)

Cute Ground Squirrel Photo

Ground Squirrel sitting up, by its hole.
Just a cute ground squirrel photo today – managed to get a shot while it was sitting up like a prairie dog a few days ago. And this morning we looked out into the yard and saw one trying to chew on the metal spokes of my mountain bike – will have to check for teeth marks later! One more tidbit about ground squirrels? When they run their bodies flow like a little wave form, like fast, furry inch worms dashing across the yard. *grin*