Photo Friday – Smooth

I flip back and forth between thinking this is a really lovely swooping shot of this calla lily, and thinking it’s the most mundane shot in the world. It’s probably both. So rather than limit it to one singular definition, I’ll just let each person decide for themselves.

Also, in an interesting synchronicity, I just found the Photo Friday site, and this week’s theme challenge just happens to be ‘smooth’. Whether it’s lovely or mundane I don’t know, but smooth? Yes. Smooth! Smooth? Yes. [Click for Prints of this Photo]

Cream Calla Lily
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Crazy Tree Silhouette

Crazy Tree SilhouetteI’ve been trying to photograph this tree for years and I finally got the shot I’d been looking for – sun behind the tree, cloud in front of the sun, deep, almost dark, blue sky, yadda yadda. This tree is interesting because it’s actually clinging to the cliffside by our road, hanging out OVER the river. It’s a weird looking, twisty tree in a weird little spot. Ahhh, nature. [Prints Available]
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Rainy Season Is Here Finally

The rainy season is truly underway here. The grass is growing again and the hillsides are just starting to be green, the sage on the hillside is also losing its golden pallor and going green, and mushrooms are popping up. They really DO grow out of the many cow plops around here – it’s very amusing to run across. This one though, I found growing just outside our kitchen door – it looks like a starfish mushroom, or a mushroom that grew out of another mushroom and split the first one open – very weird.

Cute Ground Squirrel Photo

Ground Squirrel sitting up, by its hole.
Just a cute ground squirrel photo today – managed to get a shot while it was sitting up like a prairie dog a few days ago. And this morning we looked out into the yard and saw one trying to chew on the metal spokes of my mountain bike – will have to check for teeth marks later! One more tidbit about ground squirrels? When they run their bodies flow like a little wave form, like fast, furry inch worms dashing across the yard. *grin*