Tire Wire

Aaaaaaaaaand this is the wire that popped my car tire yesterday just a few hundred feet from our driveway…

Tire-Popping Wire

We were, ironically perhaps, going to pick up John’s car at the mechanics. At the same time as I pressed the ‘air recirculate’ button on the dashboard there was this awful sound – so for a second I thought something had gotten stuck in the vent fan.  But, nope, wasn’t that.

After I drove slowly back to our driveway and really looked at the tire, I was going to cut it off as close to the tread as possible, using tin snips, but could tell it would still leak like crazy and that I shouldn’t drive on it.  Instead, I used the tin snips to pull it out like tweezers on a splinter. The tire was flat in less than a minute.

So I have a lovely donut (no sprinkles) on the car right now and get to buy two new tires tomorrow.  I’ve decided that I needed two new ones on the front anyway – makes me feel better. 🙂

Refrigerator, Old and New

If the internet has shown us anything, and it hasn’t, it’s that it’s a place to share what you want to share, without regard to how interesting it might be to anyone unfortunate enough to run across it. In that spirit, I give you a photo of the old refrigerator that gave up the ghost, next to a photo of the brand new refrigerator, that is quite spirited. (Hah! Ghost humor!) I know – exciting! Especially when you consider that both of them are the most basic models with no bells and whistles. (How will you ever go back to your normal routine today after seeing this amazingness!?!)

Note the glorious gradation of browns on the old frig, as well as the faux wooden handles and chrome trim – so very, very… er…. vintage! And the new one? White. White is good.

And it’s amazing how much improvement there has been with storage allocation. The new refrigerator is actually a tad smaller than the last one, but there’s so much more space, especially in the door racks – nice!

So… that’s our refrigerator saga. Now? Must go empty a few coolers!

Shower Curtains, Duvet Covers, and Pillowcases, Oh My!

I just put out a new newsletter for my Art of FoxVox Shop, announcing the new products – shower curtains, duvet covers, and pillowcases with my Celtic designs, as well as Fine Art designs (lots of cool abstract patterns) and even a few sets that are made from ye olde tyme maps. Here’s the official blurb and links for these sections in my shop:

Celtic Duvets, Celtic Pillowcases, Celtic Shower CurtainsCeltic Letter Duvets, Celtic Letter Shower Curtains, Celtic Letter PillowcasesFine Art Shower Curtains, Fine Art Duvets, Fine Art Pillowcases

I’m really glad that Cafepress has added these products to the line up – you don’t find, say, queen sized comforters with dragons and knotwork for instance, in your local WalMart. Now if I can just petition them to offer printable tapestries! *grin*

Earth Day Pun – Respect Your Alders!

Respect Your Alders - Earth Day Tote Bag for Tree Huggers

My latest design…. It’s an environmentally-friendly pun – “Respect Your Alders” written in the roots of Alder trees! Such a classic “tree-looking” tree – LOL.

You can get this tree hugger message on reusable tote bags, canvas bags, buttons, and other reusable things like a ceramic coffee car mug with lid, organic t-shirts, stainless water bottles, tea tumblers, and more.

Just click on any of these products to purchase, or click here to see this Earth Day design on more cool t-shirts, bags, and other fun products.

Learning Lightroom, Orange Daisy, Watermarks

Orange Daisy  ©Kristen N. Fox, www.foxvox.orgI recently acquired a copy of Adobe Lightroom 3 at a really great price, and am just now starting to learn how to use it. Cropping, color adjustments, effects, even where some of the functions are in the program itself, since I’m used to thinking in Photoshop terms instead of Lightroom. I’ve been playing with it when I get a few minutes between my other projects, which hasn’t been much time at all.

As a sample photograph to play with, I had taken a bunch of photos of a bouquet of dyed daisies and thought this orange one was really interesting. Not perfectly dyed, not perfectly formed, with little curls and growths hanging out at odd points, etc.

I added the copyright in Photoshop, since I don’t think Lightroom can do that (if I’m wrong, I’ll eventually figure it out.) Yes, it’s an obvious copyright, and I’m not sure how I feel about that sort of thing yet. The whole issue with Pinterest has brought the ideas of copyright and image ‘sharing’ to a fine point, so I’m trying some things. I think a bold copyright may be fine for a weblog, and to make sure people can find out who owns the original image as it potentially gets passed around the web, but I don’t put anything so obvious on my actual prints. It might be fun to create a different copyright/watermark for each image, depending on how it looks. *shrug*

So, here… enjoy an orange daisy today. It’s Wednesday!