Fresh Linguini

It’s many MANY months into the COVID-19 crisis. I just wanted to share one of the ways I’ve kept myself busy – making fresh pasta! We have found that we like the fresh pasta – it’s light and doesn’t feel too heavy in our stomachs, and tastes great too. I made the dough yesterday in our food processor, zippy quick. Then, I wrapped the dough in plastic wrap and set it in the fridge overnight. This morning after breakfast, I broke out the pasta machine and the pasta rack and wa-LAH! Homemade linguini! It’s drying on the rack in the photo below and when it’s fully dry, it’s lunch/dinner time, depending on how long it takes in this weather! 😀

Juvenile Coopers Hawk in the Yard

Coopers Hawk, Juvenile, ©Kristen N. Fox, www.foxvox.orgThis big guy was hanging out in our yard a while back. Apparently it was for a lunch break, as evidenced by the number of remaining feathers strewn about the ground.  Still, it was cool to get so close to this hawk – took a while to find out what kind it was – started with my bird book and then proceeded to google. The juveniles look pretty different from the adults. Anyway, haven’t seen him/her since, but we’ll always have this photo – LOL.

Dahlias – Worth The Wait

We planted these Dahlias a few months ago. The instructions said each needed to be planted at least 20 inches apart and now I know why – they really spread out! Anyway, this is the first blossom and it’s just sitting on our back porch in all its glory – definitely worth the wait! (The wait from time of planting and also the wait for posting here – been a while since the last post!)

Pink Purple Dahlia ©Kristen N. Fox

A New Gromit Shot

Just another picture of our dog, Gromit, looking up, giving us her “I’m cute and thus awaiting a treat with great anticipation” face.


She has such a long nose, I swear she must have some collie in her distant lineage. When she looks down her nose at you I feel like she should be wearing a set of half-glasses and judging us harshly – LOL.  But all we really know is that she’s mostly Lab and a bit Australian Shepherd.  Well, she seems pretty happy with herself in any case. 😀